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We love this post by Emma Baumhofer on moving places. Emma Baumhofer is a freelance journalist and marketing consultant currently based in Bern. Her international travels inspire both her professional and private writing, where she draws on her passion for research and storytelling.


In the past couple of months that I’ve been away from the blog, I moved to Switzerland and started a new job. Leaving “home” yet again – although I am rarely there – puts into perspective the urgency with which I continually seem to leave it. I didn’t grow up traveling, but fed on a healthy dose of world exploring anecdotes, I was inevitably inculcated  with a personal ambition to discover the world for myself. With the plethora of international tales in my family’s oral history, I always had an unquestioning surety of future travel. Still, I wonder how I became so fundamentally a person on the move – one so willing to maintain a transient definition of home. Stories are powerful, but the ignition comes from somewhere else. Perhaps this goes beyond nurture and reveals something that is more intrinsic.

Map Arm TattooPondering this question I dig back into the dark folds of my brain…

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